The benefits of using gOHMRISE

Leverage is one of the killer use-cases for DeFi. However, legacy DeFi leverage workflows are very risky. Users have to monitor health ratios, watch out for liquidation risk, and avoid penalties. gOHMRISE was created to address those risks and to make the use of leverage safer and easier to maintain.

There are 5 major benefits to using the FLI:

  1. Save gas fees

  2. No risk of liquidation

  3. 0% Management Fees

  4. Ease of use

  5. Composability with DeFi protocols

Save gas fees

Save up to 40% on gas fees, compared to using Rari Fuse and Uniswap directly.

No Risk of Liquidation

The biggest risk of taking leveraged position is getting liquidated, gOHMRISE removes entirely the risk for you. This is done by automatically maintaining target leverage ratio.

0% Management Fees

Risedle won't charge management fees to the gOHMRISE holders. This is possible because Risedle utilizing it's own Rari Fuse Pool, so Risedle can simply take 10% profit sharing from the lender instead of charging gOHMRISE holders additional fees.

Ease of Use

gOHMRISE is very easy to use. Simply buy/sell on Risedle app, or buy/sell directly on Uniswap for collateralized debt management abstracted into a ERC-20. User won't need to worry getting liquidated because gOHMRISE is automatically rebalanced.


One additional differentiator for gOHMRISE is composability which is unlocked through the use of a fully collateralized ERC-20 token. Because of this, gOHMRISE can be used or integrated to any other protocol.

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