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Hey there! ✨ We are pleased to welcome you on the Risedle Docs page. It’s a great place to start learning more about the protocol and its products.
Risedle is a leveraged position tokenizing protocol. It aims to simplify the process of opening, managing, closing leveraged position and protect users from liquidation. By letting users mint leveraged tokens, Risedle can helps users to enjoy leveraged gains by simply holding a token and eliminate the intricacies of managing a conventional leveraged position as users are not required to maintain margin or their position health ratio.
Risedle does this with its ETHRISE (2x Long ETH), more leveraged tokens coming soon.
Risedle's goals is to become a default and safest way for people to take leveraged position on any crypto assets. To learn even more, feel free to check the following materials that explicitly cover the protocol and products details:
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Now, let’s get started!