Mint & Redeem ETHRISE

Step by step of minting and redeeming ETHRISE via Risedle app or directly via Arbiscan.

Via Risedle app

Go to, click Launch Risedle

Switch to the Arbitrum network, click Connect Wallet:

Click Open

Click on Mint or Redeem

Enter or select a certain amount of ETH, click Mint , and then confirm the transaction in MetaMask, you can see the amount of leveraged tokens you will receive below the slider.

After successful minting, you can slide the page down to view your position information and related leveraged token information

If you need to redeem your leveraged tokens, you need to click Redeem and Authorize Tokens on the page , then confirm the transaction in MetaMask

Then select or enter the amount you need to redeem , you can see the amount of eth that can be redeemed for leveraged tokens below the slider bar, then click Redeem and confirm the transaction in MetaMask.

Via Arbiscan

This is for advanced use or emergency only.

Go to Risedle Vault for ETHRISE on Arbiscan then connect your wallet:

Go to mint function no 10 then input your ETH amount:

Use this address as the input: 0x46D06cf8052eA6FdbF71736AF33eD23686eA1452

Click Write and approve transaction.

Click to "View your transaction", Make sure your transaction is success.

To redeem the ETHRISE, go to function no 14. Enter the ETHRISE address and the amount:

To get the amount, u need to convert 1 ETHRISE to 18 decimals. You can use tools like to get the correct amount:

If you want to redeem 2 ETHRISE, simply input 2 in the form then copy paste the wei value to arbiscan.

Click Write then make sure your redeem is success by clicking "View your transaction".

Get Support

If you encounter any problem, feel free to join our discord and ask there. Happy minting and redeeming!

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